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Welcome to the web site of the Avon Tramping Club, Christchurch, New Zealand
Affiliated to Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ inc.

What does the Club provide?
We are a Christchurch based tramping and hiking club with the aim to organise safe tramping and hiking, entertainment and social activities for members and newcomers alike; and to support other organisations dedicated to the protection of the outdoors.
We schedule  tramps every Wednesday, and occasionally additional overnight tramps during the weekends or weekdays.
Day trips usually leave Christchurch around 8 to 9am and return around 5pm, but this varies with the season. A tramp is usually 4-6 hours long.
We lead trips to Banks Peninsula, or to the nearby mountains of Arthur's Pass and Craigieburn or Lewis Pass area.
A tramp or hike will normally include several breaks during the trip to have a breather, to eat, take in the views or take pictures etc. 
Only average fitness is required on most trips, but if you have doubts you can discuss the trip with the leader beforehand.
Our program is suitable for beginners, and up to reasonably experienced levels.
Tramps range from easy half day trips to full day trips and harder trips.
Overnight or longer trips range from easy to hard.
We issue a two-monthly programme in a newsletter. Contact us to receive a copy.
Who belongs to the Club? Membership ages range 50+ with ratio of male to female members at 50/50
There are currently 32 members, and tramping parties typically range from 4 to 12 people.
Information Officers
Visitors or prospective members must contact one of our information officers for tramp details and club requirements.
Garry Roberts (03) 349 7875
Web editor: Marilyn Begg


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