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Tramping Program
January-February 2020

January – February 2020

TO GO TRAMPING: you must ring the leader before 7:00pm the previous night. Also check the meeting place as this varies. Trampers should bring lunch, enough food and drink to last all day, sun hat, sun block and clothing for all weather conditions. A raincoat and warm hat are essential. Have a change of clothing and footwear, and a plastic bag for wet/muddy boots in the car.

LOCATOR BEACONS If leaders want a beacon for their trip, contact Diane Dixon 359 9170). Anyone wanting to use the beacon for private trips, when not being used on club trips, will not be charged for their use, but it should be returned in the condition it was lent. If the beacon is set off or otherwise lost or damaged then the borrower is to bear the cost of replacement.

January 2020

January 8th 08.00 Hogsback Francis Harre

A formed track from the Castle Hill Village to meet the road going in to the Cheeseman ski lodge. Easy medium. Meet at Yaldhurst Cars 170 km ( this has changed from the previously scheduled trip to Kowhai Hut.)

January 15th 08.30 Christchurch 360 Halswell Quarry to Kiwi Marilyn Begg

Meet at Halswell Quarry

January 22nd 08.30 Coalgate Bush Diane Dixon

This is a new tramp. We are being escorted by Evan Frew who is the owner of the farm that we will walk over. Easy (?) medium. Meet at Yaldhurst.

January 29th 0800 Mt Sinclair / Montgomery Park. Diane Dixon

Easy medium from the Summit Rd to Mt Sinclair. Meet at Halswell Library

February 2020

Saturday Feb 1st 5pm Evening walk and Pot Luck Judy Eden

Meet at Judy’s for a shortish walk followed by a pot luck supper. Names to Judy by January 31st

Feb 5th 0900 Tumbledown Bay Judy Eden

This was a hit last year when we walked down the hill, had lunch and a swim in the Bay. Meeting at Halswell Library

Feb 12th 08.30 Rakaia Walkway Francis Harre

Easy with a little medium. Good old standby. Meet at Yaldhurst. Some of us will be doing the Old Ghost Road and I don’t know whether to say envy us or pity us. Cars 160 km return

Feb 19th 0800 Awa Awa Rata – Scott Saddle Wendy Wallace

A moderate tramp in the Mt Hutt area. Meet at Yaldhurst

Feb 26th Quail Island Judy McInnes

I have booked 8 bunks for this trip. Names to Judy by Feb 16th (Sunday). Extra bunks can be booked. Cost $15.00 per person for bunk plus ferry ride $30.00

The hut is the converted visitors centre. Costs will be $15.00 per bunk plus $30.00 for the ferry. Sleeping bags and camp cookers will be needed. Also the ability to carry a heavy pack for 1 km or organize a pack carrier.

Trip Reports

November has not been kind to us in terms of weather for tramping.

November 6th was to have been Hitchin Hills. This tramp had been called off earlier due to cold wet weather and November 6th was not much better. Only 3 trampers phoned in and tramp called off.

November 8th – 10th Little Mt Peel was a success in that we had a great time. The tramp was called off at about 1000metres as the wind was so strong.

November 13th was to have been to Double Hut. This was changed to Christchurch 360 (Bridle Path to Sumner) as the weather for Double Hut was for cold wet conditions. There had been a lot of rain and rivers could have been high.

We took the bus from the meeting point up to the Gondola and climbed up the Bridle Path and then walked along the Summit Road and back onto the Crater Rim Track at a point further east. We had a longish climb up to have morning tea at the Mt Pleasant repeater station. We walked by the gun emplacements and down to Evans Pass (lunch spot) and then down to Sumner to catch a bus back to the meeting place and cars.

November 20th Sumner to Godley Head was called off due to rain. A short walk from the car to the café at Oderings Cashmere was organised and a social time with coffee.

November 27th Mt Mason went ahead in spite of only five trampers coming. We started in cool conditions with a strong wind. It was a steady climb to get to Mr Mason (853 m) and crossing saddles exposed us to extremely strong wind gusts. Marilyn was the only person to keep her hat on – everyone else’s was blown off. At about 775 metres we were crossing a saddle. There was about another 20 minutes to get to the top when Judy was blown off her feet in the wind. The rest of the climb would have exposed us to the full force of the wind so the leader made the decision to turn back. Lunch was eaten at the Harwarden Domain in pleasant conditions and it was hard to think that only an hour before we had been in such strong wind. It was lovely to have the company of Mark Harre who is visiting with his family.

Reminder of AGM

March 30th 7.30 pm. Venue to be advised.


Midwinter June 2020

At the last mid winter we decided to have Midwinter 2020 in Napier.

June 16th to 19th. I am starting to plan for this.

As the costs involve Accommodation ($50.00 per night), travel to Napier and to hire a car in Napier I would like to have some idea of who is going to come. Can you please give me an indication of your plans.

Air New Zealand are currently offering cheap fares to Napier.




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